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All other reviews are right on!! The amount of money that they charged my insurance company for shoulder therapy should be illegal.

Had a so called therapist that was a grad student in college. She had too many patients. I was unsupervised and then she tells me I was doing it wrong. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Discussed this with my doctor who recommended them to please be aware. I have no signed receipts that I was there so I cannot argue the bill that seems to be too many visits.

This was my first time in Physical Therapy and it was not a pleasant experience. Now I need to deal with their bills

Product or Service Mentioned: Ati Physical Therapy Procedure.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm a lawyer. Their big bill for my client was being paid by SEPTA, but their moronic staff could not submit the bills correctly.

I had to call and send letters to the President and Vice Presidents of company before anytone tried to do anything. I was trying to give them $6,000 and they were too stuipid and lazy to take it.

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